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Have you ever watched the news or read on your monthly business magazine subscription a published list of “The World’s Famous Companies and Their Taxes”? And right after that, did you find yourself scowling because you couldn’t believe what you just found out – you paid more tax than Facebook or Google did!

That’s the thing about tax. You heard it over and over again and this time you will hear it again. Like life, the taxation system is not fair. Think about why and how are we being taxed and let’s take a few steps backward. Taxes started to become unfair when we were forced to automatically spare a portion of our income and even in the prices of our goods, just because our governments weren’t able to pay the debt they incurred years and years ago. Today’s generation has been paying the consequences of the irresponsible decisions made by the previous generations.

Then there’s the concept of legally avoiding taxes by moving offshore or overseas. If you haven’t heard of that yet, you’re lucky you’re reading this now. Moving domiciles is a good option for tax savings but not everyone could just simply afford it. Big corporations have the resources to do this kind of movement without limping their finances which is why some individuals eventually pay more taxes than these companies.

In a perfect world where the rulers are just and government system fair, taxes should have never been born. Eliminating income taxes would make the everyone happier and the relationship between the public and the government would become more harmonious. No one would feel robbed, trespassed and will ever need to move overseas just to save their hard earned assets.

The whole system will have an entirely different approach. The federal government’s spending should be controlled, finances managed better, and resources to be distributed equally to create a balance. Public buildings and services must be restructured in a more profitable way rather than mere deficits. An effective evaluation of each public property must also be practiced and just like in private companies, those entities that pull the business down should be terminated. The new leaders with an improved vision for the country must provide for its citizens without burdening them with too much financial problems.

Taxes must be a source of a better living, not the other way around. Following a federal form of government, retail sales taxes must be limited to local government units. The local governments must then create an environment where the traders (taxpayers) and the tax collectors can check each other to make sure that no one is manipulating the other. The local tax will be checked by the free market from time to time so that when it starts to raise uncontrollably, the market has a leverage by moving to another town or city to take advantage of the lower tax. It’s like offshoring in a local level.

Ideally, all of these reforms would be possible in the present time if not for the long term effects of the past that have been dragged on through time and generations. If only the ideals of public service were uphold by our leaders from the very beginning, our taxation system much like our lives could have been fair enough.