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Our commitment to knowledge has led us to create one of the most diverse research footprints in the industry. Our research group is focused on intellectual property, systems, methods and processes that cover investment strategy and management as well as in business operations with the intention of providing clients with valuable information on productivity, expansion and profitability. Our partners and regulated managers use our research inputs when constructing portfolio and providing sound investment advice.

In particular, we provide:

Investment Management Software

  • White label investment management software services
  • Investment strategies development, analysis & management
  • Fully integrated back-office support
  • Risk management
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Real-time analytics
  • Re-branding to showcase your company and logos

Algorithmic Investing Execution

  • Data Center managed technology solutions
  • Technology outsourcing management
  • Institutional grade algorithmic execution
  • FIX compatible API

As a firm, we are committed to continuous improvement. All our research defines thought leadership and is contrarian by nature, with consideration of current conditions and emerging trends.