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Murray Priestley

Murray Priestley is a partner at Global Private Partners, a private equity investment firm based in Hong Kong and at Annan River Associates in Singapore, the holding company for a group of E-commerce product & managed services businesses including HamptonCommerce.com, HamptonManaged.com, and HamptonVentures.com.

älpha Holdings Management is a growing global provider of technology & corporate advisory services in areas of asset management, investment processing, and investment operations solutions for institutional and personal wealth management.

Before älpha, Murray was with Portofino Asset Management. And even prior to that, he was Head of Projects for Korea First Bank, as part of the Texas Pacific Group buyout. Murray was a senior executive at EDS, a global IT outsourcing firm, which managed the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, and Bank of Queensland’s IT operations.

Murray has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering & Computer Science from Monash University. He has lived and worked in over 9 countries.