“Quant Trading Solutions for Brokers & Traders”

Alpha Holdings Management provides automated trading solutions and investment analysis tools to brokers and traders.

For Brokers
Imagine how clients trading 24 hours a day 5 days a week will increase your commission. Giving your clients the option of trading automated systems through a Multi Account Management structure is a low risk and popular way to help clients increase their reruns and to generate consistent brokerage.

For Traders
Instead of going through thousands of different financial websites to find all the necessary data to make make pairs trading decisions, our simple arbitrage scanner will provide hundreds of pairs trading investment opportunities at your finger tips.

Benefits of Auto Trading
Instead of spending years learning how to trade, you can immediately benefit from trading by copying expert algorithmic trading systems that can be replicated into your account. It is not smart to put all of you capital into one investment system but by diversifying into many can help you have a balanced and portfolio that delivers consistent returns.