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Alpha Holdings Management is an investment management services firm that provides tailored solutions in investment strategies and technology provision, investment research and independant Multi-Family Office.

Research-Based Solutions

Alpha is a research-driven firm that is generic in scope but client-oriented in mission. We strongly believe that research, the accumulation and interpretation of facts, is essential in delivering the desired outcomes. We work with an understanding of different client needs and from there, develop separate tailored services designed to meet your particular requirements.

Global Client Base

Our corporate headquarters is in Hong Kong, an office in Singapore and partners globally.

Client-Centered Scope of Services

  • Multi-Family Office
  • Investment Strategies and Technology Provision
  • Investment Research

From Distinguished Origins to a Globally-Competitive Firm

Alpha began as a single-family office in 2012, wherein we focused primarily on the growing their investments. Today, Alpha continues to provide investment management strategies, technology infrastructure and has become a Multi-Family Office.

Alternative Investment

Our team-based approach and disciplined process delivers a range of investment strategies that are customized to the needs and preferences of our institutional clients.

Wealth Management

Our experienced and diverse team of wealth management specialists works closely with high net worth clients to understand their financial goals, and design customized solutions that meet their increasingly complex needs.


Our Research Group is constantly working on the latest intellectual property, systems, methods and processes covering investment strategy, management and into business operations.