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Alpha Holdings Management Ltd (Alpha) is a private multi-family office and financial technology services business. We offer a personalised, diligent, independent & technology risk managed services to develop investment strategies to significantly grow client assets and exceed needs. After structuring a clients’ affairs in an appropriate fashion we build and continuously monitor investment portfolios which can consist of equities, forex & commodities.

Alpha takes a holistic approach to wealth creation. As we only deal with high net worth wholesale, sophisticated and professional clients we are able to provide advice to a client’s entire “balance sheet”.  We are committed to working in an environment of mutual trust by forming a life-long partnership with you.

Alpha’s in-depth consultative process allows us to gain a full understanding of your personal and/or business situation and, most importantly, determine your key value drivers. By determining what is important to you, we can align your personal, professional or business objectives and present solutions to both build and preserve your personal wealth.

Alpha is privately owned and remains free of the institutional influence that is now prevalent in the Financial Services industry.

All investments are made by regulated partners and all assets are held in our clients own names – we do not hold custody over any client assets.

We have offices in Hong Kong and Singapore with our clients are located throughout Asia.

Investment Affiliates

Pilgrim Partners Asia (Singapore)

Stepaton Ltd (Hong Kong)

Medfund Ltd (Malta)

Heritage Management (London)

NRI Investments (Dubai)

Alternative Investment

Our team-based approach and disciplined process delivers a range of investment strategies that are customized to the needs and preferences of our institutional & regulated managers.

Wealth Management

Our experienced and diverse team of research specialists works closely with high net worth clients to understand their financial goals, analyse masses of data and draw conclusions that meet their increasingly complex needs.


Our Research Group is constantly working on the latest intellectual property, systems, methods and processes covering investment strategy, management and business operations.